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Concierge Care for Seniors in Philadelphia, PA

Geriatric Concierge Care

For many patients, especially those who are ages 65 and older, the traditional model of primary care -- which is reactive, not preventive -- isn’t enough to ensure a truly healthy life. Between physicians at maximum capacity and breakdowns in communication, traditional primary care can leave seniors and their families without the support they need.

Dr. Gerard Miller has been breaking the mold with preventive, one-on-one concierge care for geriatric patients for more than 20 years, including those who have Medicare. Dr. Miller’s primary care practice is the only concierge practice in Havertown, PA, and he is personally dedicated to providing individualized, preventative, comprehensive care to senior members and patients throughout Delaware County and the Philadelphia area. 

Concierge care is about more than getting through an appointment, both for Dr. Miller and his patients. If you’re ready to build a relationship between physician, patient, and family that is based on time and trust, schedule your first consultation with Dr. Miller today. 


Woman Caring for Elderly Woman

Primary Care for Seniors With Medicare

Preventive, Hands-On Concierge Care

One of the most important aspects of the concierge care model that sets it apart from traditional primary care is its focus on preventive care, rather than on reactive care. This means that Dr. Miller will focus on preventing the onset of diseases and conditions rather than waiting until a patient is sick to administer treatment. 

In order to offer this level of support and prevention, Dr. Miller’s concierge services include the following:

  • Same-day appointments whenever needed
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Miller
  • House calls to make care accessible to those who struggle with mobility
  • A continuum of care for patients who need support following treatment
  • A guarantee that each visit will be with Dr. Miller himself, never with a stranger

Using this model, Dr. Miller allows patients to build a truly trusting bond with a board-certified internal medicine specialist like himself, offering a whole new level of support to geriatric patients who need continuous care and close attention to remain as healthy as possible while they age.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can seniors specifically benefit from concierge care?

It’s a simple fact that as we age, the number of risks to our health will increase. However, it’s also true that when signs and symptoms of certain conditions are detected as early as possible, the risk of developing serious complications decreases significantly.

For this reason, the attentive, accessible, and continuous care provided under the concierge model is particularly beneficial for seniors. Dr. Miller is a champion of early detection, and with his 24/7-access policy and availability for house calls, he can ensure that you or your family member can reach him when you need him most.

What conditions commonly affect seniors?

As a board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Miller specializes in detecting, diagnosing, and treating certain conditions that commonly affect seniors. Some of these conditions include:

Do you provide care for seniors with Medicare?

Yes! Unlike many concierge providers, Dr. Miller is proud to provide care to geriatric patients who have Medicare. If you’d like to discuss your payment options further, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Miller’s office -- our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help.

How can I get started with the best doctor in concierge care near me?

Dr. Miller makes it easy for patients and their families to get started with his concierge practice. Contact our office to discuss pricing options, any questions you may have, and to schedule your first appointment whenever you’re ready.